You’re the kind of driver who pays attention to the details when your cars come out of the wash.

You give your cars a good once-over to make sure nothing was missed.

But…. was something missed? The most important step perhaps?

Honestly, we often forget a critical piece of maintaining our cars, and that is polishing. In fact, waxing your car will not only keep it looking as good as new but make it more durable. If you invest in a high-quality car polish, you will revitalize your car's exterior and boost its overall appearance. On top of this, a car polish will remove any contaminants found in the paint job, and remedy the tiny scratches and abrasions your car might have accumulated.

There are tons of different car polishes and sealants being sold in stores around you and online. But before choosing the best car polish for your needs, you must consider these things:

(a) How old are your cars?

(b) How much refurbishing do your cars need?

(c) What are your cars’ issues? Scratches? Oxidation? Scuff marks?

The truth is a combination of a good cleaner wax and an excellent finishing sealant will transform your drab, older cars into some magnificent and sparkling rides that can start to turn heads again. If you own a brand-new car, a smooth coat of finishing wax will keep it looking new by protecting that brand-new coat.

It is worth noting that there are many car polish products that don’t deliver on their promises to deliver complete car protection. But for your car’s transformation, you need one of the tested products highlighted below.

Top Five Car Polishes and Compounds on the Market – Reviews and Recommendations

Have you ever been curious about how car valeting detailers achieve such flawless results? Or how some car owners, despite driving their cars for years, still manage to maintain that initial luster and accentuate the sparkle?

Well, the answer lies in the choice of using the best car polish and how often it is applied for your car protection.

Of course, your car has to be in a particular not-so-beat condition to achieve anything significant. Though even with that, the result you’ll get by polishing your car can still be quite significant.

The trick lies with finding the best car polish, which happens to be both overwhelming and confusing, especially to those with no idea of what exactly to look for in a car polish.

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a list of the best five car polishes the market has to offer, together with a detailed review of what you can accomplish with each one of these products. But you might want to read through the list carefully before settling on your preferred product(s).

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Crystal Mist Detail Spray PIN-370 is Like a Really Great Spray Tan for Your Car

This product has gets rave recommendations from veteran car polish dealers and users and for a good reason.

Perfect for accentuating the gloss on your car and delivering on quality car protection, the polish is 100% safe for clear coats and all paint finishes, and never leaves unwanted streaks of black or red paint.

The spray has been designed to magically blend with wax coatings. In addition, you can save money by stretching out how long the wax lasts on your car.

The car polish has been flying off shelves ever since it hit the market, and it’s one of the best-selling car polish brands ever manufactured. And with detailers labeling it the next generation quick shine, the polish is designed to work through the blend of Carnauba wax, natural oils, and crystalline polymers to remove every trace of dirt from the paintwork on your car, without leaving a scratch behind.

Indeed, it’s considered a high-end polish so, it’s a bit costly. But the slick, mirror-like finish you’ll get after applying it to your car makes it worth every penny. This is why you might see it being used on television shows featuring classic car enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Enhances the shine of the existing wax
  • Meets all VOC guidelines
  • Crystal clear drying with a mirror-like, wet-looking gloss for overall car protection
  • Blends perfectly with paint sealants and Carnauba waxes

Above all, the spray works by refracting light, yielding multi-faceted polymers which will leave the light dancing over the curves of your car. Naturally, the results are even more pronounced in black and red cars, with the illumination it creates bathing the paint in brilliant and glossy reflections.

Dodo Juice Need for Speed is the Best Polish for the Lazy Detailer

All the products we shall be reviewing on this list are designed to ease the car polishing process. Yet, Dodo Juice defied customers’ imagination by developing a cutting-edge product which can clean, polish, and protect your car, all with one application.

This makes Dodo Juice’s Need for Speed the best car polish spray you need to get your car all glossy and smooth in the shortest time possible. Reviews note that this is the spray to turn to when you need the look of new without the hassle of a day of waxing and polishing.

Imagine you’re in a situation where you just want to accentuate the looks of your car fast. Maybe you have a hot date planned or you are getting ready for a road trip. But perhaps you just don’t have the time or the patience to go through the conventional car valeting process. Well, Dodo juice might be the only solution you’ve got, mainly when you’re determined not to compromise the shine integrity of your cherished automobile.

So, want to know how the polish works?

  • Formulated with micro-abrasives, the spray will remove water spots, light swirls, and any other mild     imperfections on the surface of your car. This helps with     smoothening out traces of uneven paint while providing overall car
  • At the same time, the product contains cleaning agents that eliminate ingrained contaminations and    old wax exposing the shiny paint underneath.
  • Next, the carnauba wax comes into contact with the reflecting layer to restore the shine to your paint

This car polish can be used as a one-step wax and polish. Or you may use it as an after-finish every time you’re making a paint correction. If this is the case, then we suggest you use a polishing pad instead of a soft finishing pad on the buffer to give the cleaner more polishing capabilities.

What’s Old is New Again With Autoglym Super Resin Car Polish

Similar to Dodo juice, Autoglym is an all-in-one valeting product which cleans, waxes, and preserves your car’s paint.

What’s different between the two? Autoglym highlights their Super Resin. Super Resin is as popular as it is old. Because car owners, dealers, and painters have been using it since 1965 – when the company decided to improve the product to making Super Resin even more efficient and popular in England. Now (after considerable enhancements) the polish can actually protect your car paint without leaving any traces of residue behind.

What’s more, the compound features manufactured polymers, conditioners, and emulsifiers which work together to clean, condition, and highlight the shine on your car. Fortunately, it’s easy to wipe off Super Resin while also leaving your car adequately glossy once you’re done. This gloss is the signal that you have achieved some top-quality car protection that will hold up to the toughest reviews.

In fact, when Autoglym’s new formulation of car polish (during its launch around 2015) was measured against its close competitors, it recorded the deepest and the most stunning shine. This makes Autoglym a great product to achieve the best level of glow and protection.

Autoglym is an easy-to-use product, and many of its competitors definitely have a hard time matching its results. It suffices to say that the company has proven itself by standing the test of time and transcending the usual standard of product resilience. Autoglym arrived on the market, stayed, and kept improving with time to become one of the most sought-after car polishes on sale, perhaps one of the best.

Key Features:

  • Excellent performance reviews
  • An all-around car polish for significant car protection
  • Very Effective and easy-to-use. All you’ve got to do is follow the instructions on the manual enclosed within the product for the best results.

Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit Is the Leader in Multi-Surface Car Polish

Look, you have no reason NOT to try the Novus 7100 Plastic Polish kit because it works on so many different surfaces. With this kit, you can clean, polish, and remove the blemishes on your car’s paint, all in one fell swoop.

Designed to go soft on your car's paint, even when applied to plastics, the kit comes with two bottles - the first one with a fine scratch remover and the second with a heavy scratch remover. They also include one more bottle which provides the top shine and gloss that car valeting detailers work so hard to achieve.

Most reviews online note that some of the surfaces of your car this polish will cover include the headlights, interior plastics, gauges, chrome, and acrylic paints. Better still, the car polish is best for cleaning and polishing your windshield and/or any other parts and apparatus that are made of plastic or plexiglass, including boats soft tops, and convertible windows. This would also include plastic body work.

Unlike other inferior car polishes out there, Novus repairs the scratches on your car by removing them instead of scruffily filling up the defects.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Potent for repairing minor scratches. It achieves this by getting rid of these marks as opposed to filling them up as with many polish sprays
  • The polish remedies the fading and vanilla look of your car paint
  • Works best on windows on soft tops as well
  • Also cleans any other part of your car consisting entirely of plastic or acrylic
  •  A classic three-in-one cleaning, polishing, and scratch-removing product

Usage Guidelines for Novus 700 Plastic Polish Kit

Three formulas for complete car valeting success…

Use Formula 1 to give your car’s paint an anti-dust, anti-static coat that will leave it sparkling and as good as new.

Use Formula 2 to restore discolored surfaces and get rid of scratches. However, to obtain the best results, it’s recommended that you use the product after you’ve removed all the blemishes.

For the heavy scratches you found difficult to remove with Formula 2, try using Formula 3 for heavy scratches, and it will certainly fix these imperfections.

Reviewing Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound: the Best Car Polish Around?

For oxidized paint finishes, small to medium scratches, and other marks like leaf outlines, nail polish (yes, you would be surprised how many women have nail polish marks around their car handles) and paint scuffs, Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound offers you the best chance to restore the top look your car had when it was new. But be prepared to have a bit of patience for this to work its magic. With micro-abrasives, Meguiar’s gets it all done without inflicting scratches on your car and it lives up to its top reviews.

It’s the product you wouldn’t want to skip if you’re looking for something that will leave your car smooth and with a swirl-free finish, all with a single application. This is the most aggressive compound in Meguiar’s line-up of products which includes Scratch X, Swirl X, and Ultimate polish.

It’s primarily designed to remove swirl marks and scratches, as well as moderate and heavy oxidation, without leaving any scrape or hologram behind, something that is difficult to achieve with even the best orthodox compounds.

Key Features:

  • Recommended for removing traces of oxidation on the coat of your car painting
  • Takes care of swirls and scratches in the best way possible
  • Useful for eliminating potential water spots
  • Its solution contains the top micro-abrasive particles
  • Excellent for paint coat restoration, with no scratches left behind.

All in all, The Ultimate car polish is formulated so that it’s easy to apply by hand—no need for heavy pressure, as moderate pressure is enough to spread the product. The only difference is that you’ll be required to limit your work to a small surface area as the product tends to dry up pretty quickly. This is where the patience part is important. Just do your best…the payoff is worth it in the end.

The Verdict - Comparing the Best Car Polish Products for

Every single one of the valeting products we’ve listed sports a series of unique features, which makes it stand out from the bunch.

Inevitably, this makes it difficult to pick one product and call it the best car polish. But if you’re going to hold our feet to the flames, then Meguiar’s G17216 would be our top consideration because of what it delivers in not only look, but also car protection. Equally important, read this article while bearing in mind that the product you choose will depend on what best satisfies your car’s top needs.

Depending on your issues and how much time you have, you might consider one of the other compounds to be the best car polish match for you. Just go through the reviews and analyze the current condition of your car to figure out what car polish guarantees the best results for your needs.